Commercial Opportunities

The Social Company provides consultancy services to businesses within the hospitality sector, as well as providing services to upmarket contract caterers and private dining and corporate hospitality events. We also project manage and run new restaurants in association with hoteliers and entrepreneurs.

Social Company restaurants and bars are not clones of one another. Each one has its own identity and characteristics. There’s no set template. We work with interior designers and architects restaurant by restaurant, bar by bar. There’s no single ownership structure. Sometimes, we set up in partnership with hoteliers and other businesses, sometimes on our own.

The model is a joint-venture project; there’s a synergy between us and our partners and a shared commitment to creating something great – with its own unique identity, recognisable by its values rather than its corporate brand. When we help a hotelier or other business open a venue we ‘second’ a team of key personnel to the project.  Importantly, Jason takes a direct role in quality control – we’re in the project for the long haul. For commercial project enquiries please email here

Jason is a brand ambassador for a number of brands including BMW, Moët & Chandon and Audemars Piguet Savoir Faire, and is always open to discussing new partnerships. For brand partnership enquiries please email here

The Social Company are happy to travel to any location to recreate our restaurant offerings or a create a bespoke offering to suit your requirements. Whether you’d like us to cater for a dinner party at home, or you’re popping up at an exclusive location, we can work with your requirements to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. For outside catering enquiries please email here